The Evolution of Wealth

Did you know the word ‘wealth’ comes from the Old English for ‘bliss’. It shares the same root as another word, ‘weal’. But The Chambers Dictionary defines the two in very different terms: one as a ‘condition of being rich’ and the other as a ‘state of well-being’. How did the two diverge?

Tribe Impact Capital, the impact wealth manager, published their study into how wealth has evolved today. During their research they spoke to experts in Ancient History, Economics, Politics, Enterprise, Research and Psychology.

They looked back over time, showing how wealth evolved from something sacred and holistic into something one-dimensional. They also make some bold predictions as to how it will change in the future, as well as why this is important for all of us.

We have their summary in the graphic below. If you’d like to get a copy of the report, get in touch with and mention the Impact Investors Club.