Bringing Impact Investing Down to Earth

The Impact Investor Club is pleased to share the new report entitled Bringing Impact Investing Down to Earth: Insights for Making Sense, Managing Outcomes, and Meeting Client Demand. Released by The Money Management Institute (MMI), the national association representing the $4 trillion managed investment solutions and wealth management industry, and Burckart Consulting, an impact investing analytics and strategy firm, the report details the growing client demand for impact investing and the obstacles to truly widespread adoption. Chief among these is the need to address issues related to transparency.

With investor interest in achieving social and environmental impact on the rise in the UK and around the world, the actions of major financial players reflect a resolve to remain competitive by serving that growing demand, said William Burckart, the founder and CEO of Burckart Consulting and the author of the report.

There has clearly been no shortage of effort or ingenuity to address the issues involved with impact measurement, and, while impact accounting systems and complicated frameworks exist, well-defined, basic steps on how to actually harness impact data are absent. Addressing these shortcomings is essential if the impact investing proposition is to become both viable and sustainable for all stakeholders.

Read the complete report and check out the launch op-ed as well as a related piece on “There’s a new industrial revolution underway” that Burckart co-wrote with Jamie Butterworth, Partner at Circularity Capital.