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  • Greek Fire

    By on June 26, 2015

    As I write this a string of clichés come to mind: it’s a tragedy, Athens is playing with fire,...

  • An Immense Pile of Filth

    By on June 19, 2015

    “The worsening inequality of wealth, income, and political power has two direct impacts on the climate crisis. On the...

  • All fired up – climate change

    By on June 12, 2015

    By 2100 Angela Dorothea Merkel – and me too – will sadly no longer be with us. Which somewhat...

  • Impact Investor Club – 03/06/15

    By on June 10, 2015

    Highlights from our 3rd June Breakfast event at The Brand Exchange

  • Driving Blind

    By on June 5, 2015

    According to the Automobile Association around 150,000 drivers annually fill up their tanks with the wrong fuel. I was...